Girl Murders BF for WCW 0

CHICAGO – 26 year old Deron Jacobs was killed by his girlfriend early this morning after his estranged girlfriend found out he allegedly tweeted his “Woman Crush Wednesday” which is known as the popular hashtag “#WCW” or “#WomanCrushWednesday” which trends on twitter every Wednesday.

Deron Jacobs was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, Rachael Edwardson, age 24, as he was eating breakfast in bed in the apartment they both shared. Friends of the two say that they never showed any signs ofl relationship problems and seemed to be very happy with each other. According to a close friend of the couple, there were signs of violent behavior or domestic abuse between the two but just regular arguments that most couples go through.

When police arrived at the crime scene, Jacobs was already dead in their bed and laying in a “pool of blood” with his iPhone still in his hand. Edwardson was found by the police in the bathtub face down with her hands behind her back waiting for the police to arrest her. Deron’s best friend since middle school made a public statement saying “I was texting my boy Deron when he sent me the iMessage of the girl he was going to tweet out as his Woman Crush. It was a chick he DM’d frequently and got nudes from but she didn’t even live in our state. I can’t understand why his girl would kill him over posting a photo on twitter.”

The murder is being investigated for any other potential evidence or information regarding the situation to determine if there are any other motives as to why Edwardson would commit such a crime.
Facebook friends of Jacobs also mentioned that Edwardson had self-esteem issues because she is dark skin and slightly overweight and that Jacobs had a post on his Twitter Bio and Facebook status which read, “I Love a Bad A** Red Bone”.

If found guilty, Edwardson will be charged with first degree murder and may serve life in prison.

  • Marlo Van Gogh


  • Ally


  • Ally

    Also, he could have been cheating on her and that’s why she killed him, not because he posted a pic of another woman. The friend clearly said he was talking to the other woman and sending nudes to each other aka cheating. Not excusing what she did, but the headline is so misleading.

    • Queen Edwards

      Been there. My exboyfriend went so far as to having private video chats, both of them showing each other their private parts. This was being done around 2 am, with knowing I had to get up for work at 6 am, but something woke me up and told me to check on him. I could’ve “peeled back his wig”, especially with him living in my house.

      The both of them rushed to put back on their clothes, I went back to bed furious and hurt, took a couple pills to “ease my pain”. However, I’m blessed to NO longer be in that unhealthy, abusive, disrespectful relationship.

    • Reece Why

      Youz a dumb azz

    • _northbound312

      Bitch his friend never said “talking to the other woman” & he said she sent him nudes not that they were “sending nudes to each other”

      • Lala Dior

        of course hes not going to tell on his late friend- especially if hes not here to defend himself.

        • Ranae Machelle Adams

          defend himself against what? a crazy person because obviously she has issues… if a dude doesn’t want you, move on… duh!

    • NinjaMasterZer0

      Doesn’t matter if it was about him cheating, which sending photos isn’t cheating, still bad but not to the level cheating is at, it still doesn’t excuse her for killing him. Also the title clearly states what happened, she killed him over the tweet

    • Dorothy Tate


    • Ranae Machelle Adams

      the headline isn’t misleading at all… it says what it is… she was his girlfriend not his wife. women walk around naked all the time with all their titties hanging out so what is the big deal about a pic on his phone of some chick out of state? if he didn’t want her, then she should have ended the relationship, not his life…

    • Rahul Awale

      ur a feminazi , now u & that woman must be severely punished to death ! she killed him & u hell talking about excuses to show reason why she killed , dumb ass !! u r daughter of hitler

    • Theresa Mccloud

      Ally, I agree with you to it could’ve been he was cheating on her and she got tired of it, but you don’t do that leave his ass.

  • duke black

    Nothing is worth ones Life…. Got to be more careful.

  • #TN

    Damnn Smfh Over WCW Mfs Crzy

  • Rydah Gang

    Man fucc that smh i can’t let no bitch kill me !!

    • Travis Miller

      ur attitude will get u killed. Can tell by ur comment

  • Akeem Bell

    This story almost got me…almost. Damn satire sites.

  • Donisha Jones

    He must. Have been all she had, and he fucked that over

  • Kevin Gentlemenazzhole William

    If MF’ers Cheating you leave not Kill! Nuthin’ can justify murder!

  • Raven

    I don’t give a damn if he were cheating or not. Shit leave, but why throw away your own life at so young age over a man* woman who was probably never worth it anyways. Forget self-esteem issues, she had way worse issues than that in my opinion to go that far.

    • Theresa Mccloud

      Raven I agree with you she already had a problem.

  • jadiva83

    this is fake!!!

    • MadChutzpahFFS .

      Sure is

    • wtf man!

      I think it’s real. Charlemagne made her the donkey of the day

  • _northbound312

    Fufu ass story. Gtfoh

  • Apple

    Such bullshit. If it was the man who killed the woman, he’d be sent straight to jail with a lifetime sentence, but of course, because it’s the other way around, she “may” serve life in prison.

  • Donnie

    Really? Nobody can relate?

  • Too Real

    why all da fucktop shit in usa all happend in chicago lool

  • Quanesha Tate

    Come on its not that serious get yall mind together if u that self conscious you need to be the fuck alone

  • Walter

    My brother was killed the same way

    • Amber Banay

      Im sorry for your loss

  • Lauren Maxwell

    See how they taught US how to hate Ourselves.Whether you’re lighter or darker you are black and it’s beautiful

    • mutha fucka jones

      Dumb ass comment, you really had to connect this back to some race baiting bull shit. You probably on her side, smfh.

    • Travis Miller

      what the hell are u talking about?

      • Dyce Dino

        She talking bout society had taught is to hate ourselves

      • TrillProphecies93

        Something you’re stupid ass is to dumb to see re read the article!

    • TrillProphecies93

      Look at most famous black male entertainers. Like Lil wayne, kobe bryant, flo rida, and countless others glorify dark skin women hate. Red bones, yellow bones, and the all time favorite white girls! So these fools influence the weak minds of dumb brothers who think they won a prize for lighter skin. Our race needs lots of help. The mental conditioning they did to us is deadly smh They have turned us against each other the women and the men.

      • Abby Sometoes

        Who is the “they” that did the conditioning?

        • TrillProphecies93

          White people. No I’m not afraid to say it at all. I know my history very well. Not the lies they wrote in their text books and teach at school.

          • maxbigwood

            you’re fucking delusional. You think white people influenced black guys to breed with our white women?

          • TrillProphecies93

            Blame your stupid fucking ancestors for the BS you idiots brought upon yourselves. I could care less about your white women. I actually agree with you! Please keep them all to yourselves! I could give a shit about whites in general you fucks live well off your white privilege while others suffer!

          • maxbigwood

            dude, stop trying to blame other people for your problems. Blacks in the USA are in a shitty spot but it’s not because of white people. Blacks have to get themselves out of it. Instead, theyd rather sit unemployed, poor, living off the system blaming people for their problems. It’s fucking disgraceful. They need to stop blaming people for their god damn problems lol

            Also you said “you fucks started slavery” LOL what? slavery has been around since the dawn of time, and practiced by almost every nation across the globe. Slavery was a totally normal thing in the world until white people abolished it in the 18th and 19th century. Meanwhile, slavery is still a major problem in africa, in 2014.

          • maxbigwood

            Also, wtf are you talking about? they specifically write textbooks in such a way to make whitey look bad? That’s why they talk about black slavery in the united states while forgetting to mention that white slave owners purchased black slaves from black slave owners in Africa; and they also forget to mention that white slave owners treated their slaves better than anywhere else in the world; and forget to mention that whites were the ones who abolished slavery worldwide

          • TrillProphecies93

            GTFOH and kiss my ass with your bull shit white man! I don’t believe a word you say! Not one fucking word. Whitey knows what the fuck he did and still does. As long as you treat slaves well its okay?? GTFOH and go back to the caves you white trash slumped out of! That is bull shit with a passion you fucks started slavery and you also started all this racism. You should of stayed your asses where your were. Did you forget you stole America??? Your no good people brought all your diseases to the natives to purposely take them out. Your shit hole isn’t what you guys wanted it to be.

          • maxbigwood

            a look at any reasonable, non-retarded textbook will explain to you that whites purchased black slaves from slave owners in african (white people never enslaved anyone, they acquired slaves through trade).

            Because slaves were a big investment to white slave owners which had to be brought across the atlantic, they were treated relatively well and given health care. It wouldn’t make sense for a white slave owner with a limited number of slaves to treat his slaves like shit till they died.. because he’d be losing out on his invesment.

            basic logic will tell you that. It literally makes no sense for an american slave owner to treat his african slaves badly.

          • black perfection

            And again here you are trying to make the white race seem as though they’ve done something so great and gratifying. You all have always put yourselves on a higher pedestal even with calling yourselves white and calling us black. Look up the meaning of the two colors and you see how your ancestors took something so simple and made us so different. Slave owner seeked just enough medical attention for their slaves just to make sure the job got done and once that slave could no longer perform they killed them.

          • maxbigwood

            Not to mention that under 10% of white people owned slaves back in the day. Not to mention that there were also white slaves. But of course, you don’t know any of this, because you firstly have done no god damn research on your own and would rather whatever makes you feel like a victim. Becuase blacks in the states loooove being victims so they can blame all their problems on that.

  • hot gurl


  • Terry TeeJay Woods

    Cmon people….a person lost their life over a silly issue. Whether or not he was cheating. A family has lost a son and a daughter to the damn social media escapades. Why make them such a major part of your lives. I have those social sites, but I keep all of my relationship stuff out of it. THATS how my relationship survives. Oh yeah and no cheating is involved. #prayingforloseoflife.

  • mo

    omg this is so ignorant, its embarassing

  • Amber Banay

    This woman definitely had issues but so did her man. I have had my emotions played with badly even got proposed to before with a fake ring! If u wanna be a player be single no reason to play with anyone…smh

    • Harmon Jenkins

      But he is the victim here not her. If it were the other way around I bet he’d be the only villain in the picture.

  • DreadFaceKillah

    this chick has to have borderline personality disorder

  • 100Kay

    Give that bitch life it doesnt matter what he did, he didnt deserve to die over it… Dumb Bitch I have no sympathy at all for her… yal depressed hoes need to stay away from relationships if your not happy with yourself before getting into one… smh bet ya a Bitch wont kill me.. i wont even put myself in a situation with a depressed crazy bitch..

  • MissRebel

    Is this life. Some women need to stay single forever

  • Travis Miller


  • AintMizBahavin

    stfu with the depressed itch bs. unless you plan on staying single your whole life or turning to men then you will never know if the woman ur involved with is depressed or not.. on top of that maybe THIS MAN SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN TWEETING ABOUT OTHER WOMEN and posting their pics along with the status ” I LOVE A BAD ASS REDBONE” i guarantee you wont sleep in my bed while tweeting about the next itch either……. no sympathy for him. he had a woman if he wasnt happy then end the relationship.. he is the victim because OF HIS BEHAVIOR AND POSTS ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!!!!

    • Gloria Brooks

      Regardless of what he done, He didn’t deserve to have his life taken away, Men do stupid, disrespectful things all the time, If don’t like it then walk away from the situation all together which neither one even though about, Now she is facing a long prison sentence because she let her anger take over instead of common sense.

    • Guest

      So you advocate killing someone for cheating over a stupid tweet? You’re a very sad and pathetic individual then.

    • NinjaMasterZer0

      So you advocate killing someone over cheating or over a stupid fucking tweet? You’re a very sad and pathetic individual then.

  • Rubens LaCrete

    this is soo fake = |

  • the truth

    She killed him because of jealousy. If you’re that insecure, you don’t need to be in a relationship. I hope she gets life. I have no sympathy for her. If you’re unhappy in a relationship, feel the person isn’t treating you right…..leave.

  • Junior GT

    Theres sides of people you will never know about. You should trust the one you love or in a relationship with, but these days and what these chicks be doing(Drugging, Stabbing, Poisoning or anything else to get the upper hand in they’re psychotic plan). You don’t turn your face from an enemy or someone you don’t know confronting you, but your lover you would never expect, you can’t trust none of them really and Keep an eye on the emotional ones, you just never know. I’m just always cautious of everything and people naturally. If my Chick was cheating and tweeting crap I would simply kick her out, there is way too many beautiful woman out there instead of me getting revenge and then be staring at Men for years to come because I let her actions get the best of me. She lived to 24 to throw her life away.

  • Mitt Romney #BigBankHank


  • Lithia Henderson

    The way she killed him was not a self esteem issue that was simply IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU NOBODY CAN type of issue everyone knows people tweet put up Facebook status about they wcw and everything else that is no reason to kill someone

  • Corby Murray

    As she should stupid ass taking that poor young man’s life for what??? Stealing his dreams in life away from him. What about his mother, father, family that loves him. Through her ass under the jail!!! You don’t own the person you’re saying and get your life right and self-esteem together..such a tragedy!!!

  • Tyra McWright

    She wrong for that. No matter what a person is doing. Leave them alone n find sumbody else. She had no right to take his life. I hope she gets the max penalty

  • kevin coombs

    This is stupid and senseless. She should should be killed by the state electric chair, lethal injection something.. Life in prision is too good for her and i as tax payer do not want to front the bill to keep people like this alive.

  • meangirlmemes13_on_IG

    dark skin chicks with lame bodies have triple the issues of anyone else .. she was probably mentally ill

  • anon

    im done with black people right now where the white man at?!?! but seriously thts sad and stupid

  • Raego Moneybaqz

    he had a choice to leave her too, why stay with someone you’re going to cheat on? he disrespected her by putting the other girl out there as his wcw and showing the girl off to his friend and they obviously had something going on, not excusing what she did but he provoked it people do crazy things when they’re in love

  • daegjidu

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